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Do You Have a Disability?

I was talking to someone today and the saddest comment came up (which I will get to in a moment). First, I want to explain something and be quite clear with this…… I am 45 years old, I have debilitating psoriatic arthritis, and I am considered handicapped. I do work a regular part-time job as it gets me out of the house, talking to people, and helps my brain function. I am homeschooling my current 11 year old and have homeschooled for the last 13 years or so. I have run multiple businesses successfully and sold them when the time was right. My husband is officially retired from a government job and we have been planning his retirement for 25+ years (though we weren’t expecting it as early as it happened – at least we were prepared). I do not qualify for disability, plain and simple….and I never will.

Someone today suggested that me working online with affiliate links and working with a direct sales company would not be worth the risk if you are on disability so they wouldn’t take the chance.

Ok, I understand that it can be frightening that you may or may not lose something – I get that – especially with knowing how hard some people have to work to get disability. I have a number of friends who are on disability and quite a few who it took YEARS for them to finally receive it… the process is ass-backwards if you ask me as I also see people get it within a month.

But the sad part is that people seem to “give up” at that point and don’t try any longer. It made me question if they are living or just surviving? I’m NOT saying rush out and join a direct sales company or go and get a job – I’m fully aware that it’s not always possible. At the same time, I see so many online JOBS (like working for Amazon) that can be done from the couch or even from your bed if needed. Then, because of people’s disability, they don’t look for anything like that. Sometimes it’s because the disability check is higher than what they will get paid – and that in itself is sad.

Yes, these are my opinions. I just wish there was a happy medium, especially with so many people with so many chronic issues. So many WANT to do something, but so many CAN’T or WON’T because of the risk.

Can it be solved? I have absolutely no idea. But it is something to think about, and something I never thought about until I was in a position where I have days the pain is so bad that I can’t think straight…. 

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