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I Think I’m Part Snake

Yep, that’s my most recent discovery and I will explain how I came up with this and we can go from there.

First, y’all know that I have psoriatic arthritis, plus I have battled Lyme for umpteen years.  One of the remaining damages from Lyme is the nerve damage to my hands, feet, arms, and legs – have about 40% feeling.  This makes it very difficult when it’s cold out.

Why?  Well that’s because I am part snake.

On my recent trip to FL, I went on a nature hike through Six Mile Slough (highly recommend the guided tour at least on your first go through), and we saw snakes.  Of course, we discussed what a snake does when it’s colder out as it wasn’t nearly as warm as I was expecting and I guess it had been colder recently.  Well, when it’s cold out, a snake will tighten up (constrict) all it’s muscles to stay warm and conserve body heat.  

Guess what I do when it’s cold?  All my muscles constrict (which is how I can now explain why I am the same height I was in 7th grade).  Try that for a bit.  Constrict all your muscles and hold it.  Keep holding…. now do it for hours.  Imagine doing this all day or all night.  You wake up in pain and you spend a lot of your day in pain.

This is where a lot of the CBD products come into play helping me make it through the day.  It’s also why I may move further south for the winter.

I usually take a bath – and in it I will have my bath bombs.  Aside from the steaming hot bath – the CBD helps penetrate the muscles and relaxes them faster (in my opinion and use) than pain creams.. plus it covers a lot larger of an area in a shorter time frame.

Also helping out are the CBD Capsules and Gummies – of which we all know are my favorite.  But, I take at least 3 of these a day and if it’s been a rough day – I will take 2 gummies at night.  

Each person is different, however, if you are someone that has a hard time sleeping because of muscle cramps or tightness, you need to try the CBD bath bombs.  They can honestly change your sleeping life, and for so many of us, our sleep schedule and such is so messed up, we need all the help we can get!

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