Review of Diamond CBD Edibles

So sometimes it’s just easier to eat something. Yep, sounds strange but sometimes you can’t get outside to vape, you can’t just drop oils in your mouth (or you didn’t put the dang bottle in your purse….) so what can you do?

Here come the edibles. Now, the company I will be using for my oils and the company that I have available as an affiliate program does NOT carry edibles at this time. They are launching with 24 CBD products

January 1st and edibles aren’t included in the list. They do have sprays – which will be very helpful – but I like edibles. I plan on carrying a few different brands eventually but for now I am recommending Diamond CBD as a great source for edibles. They have coupon codes on their site, plus offer free shipping! (Hint – there us a coupon finder as a google chrome extension and it found me one for 50% off “FB50” …. totally worth it!!)

Edit 2/6/2018 – I don’t know if that code is still working – but I used SCX50 today for the honey sticks – so I thought I would update this in case the other one is not working

CHILL gummies are just awesome. Plain and simple just great items. Kicker is to remember that you can chow down on them – it’s only 1-2 per hour or even DAY – so be aware of what you are buying.

Now, Diamond CBD is coming out with their own name line. These are a lower priced option – still the same great taste and great product – just not the name brand that people know YET.

I haven’t tried the chocolates at this point – honestly – I’m not sure I want to carry that around with me, they might melt and well I don’t like to clean anything in the first place.

One thing I will let you know, if you have children, KEEP THESE HIDDEN!!! We all know that kids will eat whatever – and if LOOKS like candy, it must be candy! Well, these aren’t candy. Does it mean that you can’t give anything like these to your children? I will say NO… it doesn’t mean that at all. We all make choices about our own children every day and this could be one of them. Just don’t let a child have “free access” to these. Even though you really can’t overdose on CBD, it’s never a good thing to have too much at once.

Want to relax and sleep? Try the RELAX variety of the gummies. They are make to aid in sleep. Though I will be carrying a spray with CBD that will aid in sleep, sometimes again it’s easier to just eat A gummy…. that’s right 1-2 is a serving. There are only a few in the bags which is a good reminder that they aren’t candy (especially since the price is high based on that).

So take a look over at Diamond CBD and see what they carry. Yes, they carry a LOT of different oils – and at this point I won’t be carrying their oils…. why? Because I am becoming very picky about the oil I am using. I have thrown away a LOT of money on stuff that just doesn’t work and so I am done with doing that. I’m digging in and finding what works for me and THAT is what I will promote. At this point, I have not tried their oils – but I see the same test sheet showing for the different items and honestly, I’d like to see one for each variety tested (I do have a request in for that). 

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